The Asian Culture: The Culture Of Success

Asia is the highest continent in population and the largest in area; however it is one of the richest and most advanced continents in fields of science, knowledge and technology. The reason behind this advance is the great Asian culture which puts the human element at the top priority. And it is the great point to consider.

That is why Asia is now a global factory for most of the universe daily used products to the very complicated tools, machines and services in all aspects of human life. There is a thriving base of industry in Asia in fields like naval Industry, home products, automotive industry, computers, construction industry, electronics, mechanical industry, renewed and nuclear energy.

There is a significant interest and obvious amount of care given to human force. That is the reason why Asian educational facilities are multinational. Lots of Asian universities are nominated each year between the top 200 world universities. For example, Peking, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Malaya, Shanghai Jiao Tong, Singapore and Tsing Hua universities. Also Indian Institute of technology in Bombay, Institute of technology in Madras and Institute of Technology in Bandung are all in the top 200 best world universities regarding educational quality, researches done, accomplishments and employment.

When we look further at Asia, we will see many countries are developing quite fast along with China and Japan. Universally, the Chinese are the second largest economy on earth and is heading to the top in the few next decades. The third largest economy is Japan after china took its second place in 2010 as stated in the list of International Monetary Fund.

India was actually the biggest surprise. The Indian economy is the 11th largest economy and is expected to jump to the top ten in a few years. India is a developing country. However it is quite remarkable that it is one of the most advanced countries in the computer software industry around the globe.

South Korea is a great example for how a small country in area could take big leaps in achievement. The Koreans come in the 15th place in economy. Korea is an industrial as well as a tourist country not only for tourists but for international students as well.

The whole world should learn from the Asian experience. Instead of investing on structures, items or resources as a first priority, investment on man is more useful valuable on societies. So the planet as well as your life will be stronger.

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