Packing Tips from New York Local Movers

Moving to a different place needs a lot of time. When you are packing by yourself make sure that you give yourself enough time. Organize everything properly and decide those items that you do not need to carry anymore.

To assist you in your packing process here are few easy packing tips put together by NYC Movers:

*When you are thinking of packing yourself, first of all purchase the items you will need while doing your packing like, inserts, markers, paper pads, packing paper, various size quality boxes, tape, dividers and labels.

*Start packing from the least used rooms. Leave season-out items and things that you will need till the last.

*Experts from a New York Moving Company are of the view that you should always use hard and big boxes and on top of every box write the destination room and contents. It helps you later to find every item easily.

*While packing always put the heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter items on the top. It reduces the possibility of the items getting damaged.

*Try to put the small boxes in a bigger one, and fill the gaps between the boxes with clothes, or packing paper. Movers do not move boxes that are loosely packed or unbalanced.

*Tape the bottom and top seams of the boxes well. Make a couple of wraps around the top and bottom edges of the boxes, where the stress is likely to be more.

*When you disassemble furniture make sure that you keep all the screws, bolts and other loose items nicely together. Better that you tape everything underside of the furniture.

*Do not be in a hurry in disconnecting your electronics. Before doing so take a photo of how the electronics are connected so that you do not face problems in connecting them together again. It helps if you can remember how and where all the wires go.

*Do not forget to number the boxes. It is not a very tiring job to do. It helps you to maintain an inventory list of all the packed items and make sure that you did not miss any of the boxes on your way to the new destination.

*Keep items from the same room together and do not mix items from different rooms in the same carton. This makes it easier for you to sort the contents later in your new home.

*Always try to personally carry legal documents, assets, medical reports and irreplaceable photos which you cannot afford to lose.

*Take special care for items you do not want to get damaged due to negligence. Your TV needs to be given special treatment, while packing it. Put the box containing the TV into another box which is well padded with packing papers.

*Before making a move prepare an essentials box, full of items you will need for your last few nights before you move and for the first night in your new destination. Here are a few we have thought of.

*Toilet Paper, toothpaste, tooth brush, bathing soap, dish soap, mug.
*Instant coffee, Snacks, plate, fork, knife, spoon for each member of the family
*Scissors, knife, flashlight, candles, matches.
*Small first aid box.
*Shower curtain which you cannot afford to forget.
*A change of clothing and towel.
*Garbage bags.
*A portable tool kit so that when you reach your new destination you don’t need to search for the screwdriver to fix your bed, sofa etc.

Items that you feel difficult to pack leave them to the movers. Doing a quick search on Google with Movers New York or NYC Moving Companies will give you a lot of options to choose from. Sophisticated items require proper equipments and techniques which they are good with.

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