Whirlpool Brand Name in Electronic Home Appliances

When a consumer seeks out for electronic home appliances company then he wants the one with wide range of products, long lasting and superior quality, extensive service warranty, effective market reputation, and last but not the least instant and efficient after sales service. But many times all consumer expectations are not satisfied by the single brand or company.

A consumer always demands more but sometimes brands fail to fulfill all their demands and requirements. It’s the responsibility of a company to complete most of the demands of its consumer. After all consumer satisfaction is the most essential factor that ultimately increases the sales of the company and grows its market recognition.

Whirlpool, a subsidiary of the Whirlpool Corporation, global manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances in India offers an extensive range of services to meet the customer requirements. It has made an effectual comeback to the electronic appliances market with the launch of its innovative range of new products across the categories- Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Microwave, Water Purifiers and Built-in kitchen appliances. It has unveiled an entirely novel range of single, double and multi door refrigerators, automatic washing machines, microwaves and innovative line-up of kitchen appliances.

Whirlpool has broadened up its market coverage with top notch and improved services. It has established its market rapport again and is growing constantly to attain the number one position. It has launched the latest array of Frost Free Refrigerators, Direct Cool Refrigerators, Split Air Conditioners and White Magic Split Wash Washing Machines.

It uses unique and compelling solutions that create competitive advantage and differentiated shareholder value. It even tries to fulfill each and every customer expectation with its stupendous services. It assures the same care and benefits to its customers even after the expiry of warranty period of their appliance. Whirlpool has swiftly moved from being a world class manufacturer to a world class marketer and even has transformed itself into a completely customer-centered company where the customer lies in the core of every of its functions.

Whirlpool also understands the need of recycling that is why it ensures that 80- 95 per cent of the material used in its products can be easily recycled. Even it requests its customers to return Whirlpool products for recycling after the end of their useful life because recycling conserves natural resources. Recycling is also a key approach for businesses and individuals to reduce the impact of disposal and the waste that they have generated.

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