A Brief Look Into Toner Cartridges

Before going into the details of the toner cartridges, it would be fair to try and understand what exactly a toner cartridge is so that we can proceed together in the following paragraphs knowing exactly what it is that we are talking about.

A toner is one of the major consumable parts of all the laser printers. It is mainly a mixture of plastic particles, coloring agents and carbon which when put together in their right proportions; help imprint the final image that you are able to see on the paper when you print an image from laser printers.

The other consumable part that has to go hand in hand with the toner cartridge is the drum. It is on this drum that the image to be printed is first created before the heated rollers can fuse it on to the surface of the printing paper. A notable point to take is that toners can be available in different colors and this has given rise to both black and white as well as color laser printers. Of course the latter are more expensive due to the complex technology involved in its manufacture.

When buying toner cartridges, many people may overlook some vital factors such as the source of the toners among other issues. It is important to note that there are original toners which in many cases are usually manufactured by the particular printer manufacturer. These types of toners are usually specifically designed and as such are more promising to work with as compared to those made by other companies.

As much as there are other manufacturers in the market who produce toners for various laser printers, it is not to mean that these products that come from third party companies do not work. In reality, the products are just as good and in reality a good number of clients prefer to buy the third party company products as opposed to the originals since they always cost a fraction of the costs of the originals.

In some instances, you may experience problems with toner cartridges. This is not a very strange happening since products can be defective. If you buy your printer supplies from a reputable printer supplies company, you will always be entitled to a replacement in case you buy any defective parts.

There are instances where the empty cartridges can be refilled with toner dust and re-used. This process might however not be very good especially if the refilling is not done in the right way. It is in the interest of getting high quality printouts that every client is advised to buy the original toners as opposed to the third party ones or any refilled ones.

Lastly, all genuine toner cartridges come with some warranties form the company supplying them. In order to benefit from the warranty if any, the client must always ensure that they do not tamper with the product in any way as this could be used by the company charged with the responsibility of handling the warranty an excuse not to honor the warranty when you make a claim.

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