Save some cash with free goodies and free samples!

Still spending truckloads for buying beauty products? Time has come to act differently. A chain of websites has started delivering free samples of products for your convenience. Instead of purchasing items from the traditional departmental stores or product websites, customers can avail discount coupons and free goodies if they are smart enough to follow these sites.

How to go about it?

Now the question arises, how to go about this enticing process? Quite simple! Just visit the site and click on the merchandise you are interested in buying. However, there are a few simple criteria you will need to fulfill to win these free stuff. Don’t be intimidated by the conditions; it’s really simple and basic.

Signing up:

Yes, it is that easy! There are brands offering these alluring services which only require you to create an account with them, join the community and start enjoying free services. Celebrated brands like Dove, Victoria’ Secret, Axe are actually offering free perfumes, shampoos and shower gels against registration.

Following on social networks:

Which brand doesn’t enjoy an extensive fan club? So all you need to do is help them achieve that and voila! You get rewarded with free service and generous discount coupons. Next, you can follow their pages on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter and enjoy from a range of discounted items. You can opt for effective skincare from MONU or sparkle your eyes with Pensida Eye Renewal Cream.

Filling up forms:

Sometimes winning free samples can be as easy as submitting some basic information about yourself. Some labels like Amazon, Covergirl Eye Shadow, Bed, Bath and Beyond need you to fill up forms with your contact information. Type in your address, phone number or email id and you’ll receive gift cards and free product samples soon!


Some of these brands deliver a box of free goodies daily which often includes free electronics. Yes, it’s bizarre but true! And all you’ll have to do is give them your feedback. So keep reviewing and enjoy free treats every day!

Paying only shipping charge:

Some labels send free stuff against a nominal shipping amount for the first delivery, and from the next purchase onwards you can avail large discounts from 40% to 60% on the printed MRP. This way, you can win a free beauty discovery kit from award-winning beauty brand Kit Jessica Alba’s Honest Beauty!

Joining Reward Programs:

Almost all retail stores and companies have their unit of reward programs. This is a method of maintaining customer loyalty. And it’s only for your benefit! Why don’t you join the Lancome Elite Rewards free of cost and gain access to free merchandise and enjoy exclusive membership benefits?

Trial periods:

This is one of the major attractions of these online shopping sites. Shoppers get to enjoy a month’s free trial of beauty products and cosmetics. Also, you are under no obligation to continue after the trial period. You buy only when you like.

So when there are so many discounts and free treats for you out there, what is stopping you? One click on your computer/mobile screen will earn you such variety of free samples!

Stan Rasen is the author of this article on free samples. Find more information, about free electronics here
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