What About The Panasonic Viera TX-P42V10?

The Panasonic TX-P42V10 comes from the Viera line of HD plasma TVs. It’s teeming with features, making it a total entertainment device highly suitable to grace any home. It has an impressive G12 NeoPDP (Plasma Display Panel) measuring 42 inches. It’s capable of displaying images with up to 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, and can produce 2000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

600 Hz Sub-Field Drive lets you enjoy superb HD images like never before. To get rid of flickers and motion blurs, the Intelligent Frame Creation Pro analyzes each signal and inserts new frames where necessary. Now images are displayed with razor-sharp clarity, even when there are rapid movements. The built-in card slot lets you access photos and videos saved on an SD card in high-def quality.

Only a few brands carry the THX logo, and one of them is Panasonic. The TX-P42V10 is THX-certified, meaning that this plasma television’s picture processing meets or exceeds minimum standards in delivering superb audio-visual treat. Not too long ago, only select theaters carry the THX logo. Now it has found its way into homes, via the Panasonic TX-P42V10. Simply turn on the THX mode to maximize your movie viewing experience.

There are 4 available preset display settings you can choose from. Each one is suitable for a particular need. They are: normal, dynamic, cinema and game modes. The normal mode is suitable for watching typical TV broadcasts, like soaps or news. The dynamic mode increases the contrast ratio into staggering levels. Switch on the cinema mode to enjoy better your latest DVD at hand.

But when you need to fight off enemies or aliens, let the game mode display setting help you out. The graphics of video games need special attention for better rendering. Time lag is decreased, the details increased, and the screen aspect ratio is enhanced. Go ahead and play for hours. The display panel of the TX-P42V10 has an anti-retention quality, and can last for many years of efficient operation.

Going online may also be done using this Viera plasma TV, through the Viera Cast feature. You can browse online content such as photos, videos, news, weather and others. You do it using widgets – easy-to-use web interface that’s integrated into the TX-P42V10. You don’t need to purchase or install a device. You don’t even have to switch on your PC to get on the web.

You can input up to 4 AV devices to the TX-P42V10 with the use of HDMI cables. There are 3 available inputs in the rear, and another one at the side. Now you can pick your choice of compatible AV devices to complete your home entertainment system. Just go ahead and connect your DVD player, recorder, surround speakers and others.

Worry not about having to learn using different remote controllers for the devices you interconnect with the Panasonic TX-P42V10. The Viera Link feature lets you operate them using only the Viera TV remote control. The on-board graphical menu may be easily accessed by a push of a button on the remote, thanks to the Viera Tools. Having more HD enjoyment is possible if there’s less difficulty in accessing the TX-P42V10 menus.

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