Resorts 360 – The Unbiased And Honest Review

One of the factors that can make you spot an illegal pyramid from miles away is that all the people joining the business is only in it for the money, and there are no real products involved. This is in deed not the deal with Resorts360, as they have a great product to offer to the right target market. All other research I’ve done on the company also tells me that this is not a scam, but a legit and decent company. There are however some things one should be aware of when joining a company like Resorts 360 and this article will explain to you in detail exactly what those factors are.

Resorts 360’s Product
Resorts 360’s products are all based on the ability to purchase discounted vacations. On their web sites, Resorts360 informs that they are collaborating with a large travel supplier which have been in the market ever since 1988. Which company this is they don’t elaborate on, but they are supposed to attend to such clientele as The Official Nascar Member Club and also American Express.

If you want to become a member of Resorts 360 it will cost you a one time fee of 398 dollars to join the vacation club, and around 250 yearly in renewal fees. You might also choose to pay a monthly fee of $ 40/month, which will make the total price a bit larger. As a member of this vacation club, Resorts 360 advertise that you get to pick discounted vacations in over 85 countries worldwide. In fact, they say that over 4900 destinations and over a hundred thousand vacation weeks will be available to you no matter when you want to book your trip.

An example of the discount size they are providing, Resorts 360 advertises that a vaction trip that will usually cost over $ 1599 somewhere else, you will get for $ 400 as a member of their club. There are also cruise savings at around 50-75% to be made.

Through this vacation club you can also give away trips to your friends and family members – as a matter of fact as many as you’d like – and Resorts360 also offers everyone a full 5-day money back policy.

Resorts 360 Compensation Plan
Resorts 360’s payplan are called Smart Plan Compensation and there are in fact 10 different income possibilites built into this payplan.

The details of this payplan is beyond the scope of this article, but the short explaination is that for every $ 398 membership you sell, you will earn $ 200. And once the member pays their renewal fee, you will earn money on that as well. The further up in the payplan you grow, you will also be eligable for various bonus pools.

At first view this payplan looks very fair to all the marketers and there’s great possibilities here to make a good income, but to earn the really big money you will have to recruit very many people into the club, though.

This brings us into the final part of this article…

So, This Seems Good. What’s The Catch?
One thing you need to be fully aware of, is that with Resorts 360 and all other direct sales opportunites, the company and products are just the first piece of the puzzle. The company you align yourself with; its products, compensation plan and the people stearing the company, are indeed very important factors to consider.

But all of this actually comes second when discussing what is really the driving factor of your success.

You see, the one thing that is going to make you or break you in this industry, is really how good you are to MARKET yourself and your opportunity. Period. You can be associated with the greatest company in the world and have products that cure all the world’s diseases, but if you haven’t got a clue on how to market what you have, it won’t get you anywhere. If you do take the time to learn how to properly market, though. Then, you can choose to align yourself with whatever business you want to and you will be successful in it, and often in very short time.

And what you need to understand if you want to align yourself with Resorts 360 is that it is your job to learn how to market their products and they do not provide you with that sort of education. They provide a top-notch product and an opportunity, and it’s you job to learn how to market it. These skills are something you must aquire for yourself and that is also why they can pay you those big commission checks, because that is something they leave entirely up to you.

As you’ve learned in this Resorts 360 Review you need the right marketing system for your business. To learn more about the system Marius Ystenes personally use to generate over 60 leads every single day for his business, go to his Online Network Marketing blog to learn how and also receive 4 in free marketing training.
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