Lara Croft: Tracing The Royal Family Of Adventure

Lady Lara Croft is a Countess on the 11th generation. Their descent was granted the right and title to Abbingdon. She has been through a lot of emotional and personal tragedies in her life. Even before she came of age, her parents both died on split incidents. She’s also a certified genius and an excellent gymnast. She’s most likely just one of the nearly all talked-about figures today.

She is also known for her exemplary skills in using two guns at once. It’s fun because she never runs out bullets and she never gets tired of running, jumping and climbing. Perhaps another breakthrough in the ultimate gaming experience. She has practically become a legend in the RPG world. In fact, she is often called the queen of RPG. She started it all.

For being a Countess, she’s also entitled to have each and every latest gadgets, electronics, armory, weaponry, unlimited connections to associations in the world, she gets to access virtually any ruins, acquire as much artifacts as she needs to and go all over the world in a day. Her backpack comes in useful as it contains her map, her communication gadgets, health pack, ammunitions, knives, flashlights, flares, outfits, and basically everything that she demands, including the little and massive artifacts that she get hold of.

What happens when you get Angelina Jolie to play Lara Croft? Well, you’ve got a blockbuster and it sure was a hit, even to guys who haven’t played the game itself yet. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider has 2 movies. Angelina Jolie played the lead role in both movies and they have been well-accepted by audiences. She’s a natural with guns and she knows how to make bullets bend, too. Without a gun, knives are her second best friends. She can get through a single adventure just by using knives alone. After all, she is skilled and equipped with her gymnast ability, agility, wits and intelligence to get through the challenges in all levels.

I loved the guns she used in the movie though. It was my first time to see guns like those so I made a research on what kind of guns she used. It paid off. I found out that Lara’s pistols are 9mm Heckler and Koch USP MATCH. Neat! I’d love to have one of those in the future. Or make that two, just to make the get-up closer. I remember playing the RPG years ago. The next thing I knew, I wanted to explore ruins, unravel mysteries and find hidden items anywhere.

Certainly, it would be a very unlikely accomplishment to follow Lara Croft’s steps because in reality, guns tend to be all over the place and they use up all your bullets. You require a closet to bring ammunitions if you wish to do it like Lady Croft. Obviously, we do not know how to keep unlimited ammunitions in a not so big, leather backpack and have knives, clothes and health packs in it as Lara does, and she does it without the need of bringing a ship. Well, no one does it as the Countess, Lady Lara Croft.

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